Pivot table filter list not updating

21-Feb-2020 16:48

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And for a list of all the pivot table tutorials and videos on my site, take a look at the Pivot Table Index page.

Here is a slide show that I made, summarizing the 5 Annoying Pivot Table Problems.

When you update the pivot table, the new dates might appear, even if you hadn’t selected those dates in the manual filter.

Seeing the new dates could be helpful, if you want to make sure that you notice new records when they’re added.

For example, if a product wasn’t sold in a specific city, that city doesn’t appear under the product heading.

To keep the layout consistent, you might want to see all the items, in each section.

I made a list of my top 5 annoyances, and you might have other problems to add to the list.

You can manually deselect the new items after they appear.

However, if you want to prevent the new dates from automatically appearing, you can change a setting in the pivot field, to specify if new items are included or not, when the field is manually filtered.

When you add new records to the pivot table’s source data, then refresh the pivot table, you expect to see all the new data. To fix this, make sure that the source data is in a dynamic range, that will grow and shrink automatically, when data is added or removed.

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If you put two or more fields in the Row area, all the items might not appear in each section.

In this example, there is a date field in the Row Labels area and a few dates have been selected in the manual filter.