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It has a marble iconostasis adorned with carved ornaments and colourful mosaics.

Not surprisingly, this architectural masterpiece is recognized as a historical place of value and cultural heritage site for the region.

Luckily, most of the buildings that were damaged during the Second World War have been restored to their original form. Erected near the Ivanova Gora’s viewpoint, the sculpture was made to celebrate the birthday of the prominent writer Nikolai Gogol, who was quite fond of the dish and described it in his works.

Other strange art pieces include two monuments to pigs. The second monument (a boy and a girl chasing a huge pig with a twig) is situated near the Poltava State Agrarian Academy.

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Judging by this, you can probably guess how much Ukrainians love and appreciate is a collection of stories in which the author skillfully conveys the local colour of the tiny Ukrainian village and its inhabitants. Archaeologists say this ancient city on the banks of the Vorskla River has existed since before the eighth century.However, the most memorable site – the field of the Great Poltava Battle – is younger dating back to the eighteenth century.It is a well-known tourist destination that should definitely be explored with the help of a professional guide.

The huge territory and its museum will mean nothing if you’re unfamiliar with the details of the battle that took place in 1709.

Cosy and minimal chalets and cottages are surrounded by a vast pine forest.