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You know exactly where those hands have been, and you’ll be lucky to get the image out of your head when — or if — you can bear things becoming more intimate. If you come from an open, polygamist relationship you will already be accustomed to overlooking your partner’s insatiable sexual appetite.However, if — like any self-respecting individual — you prefer monogamous relationships, try to convince yourself that your partner is a medical professional who chose such a deranged profession because of a deep concern for women’s health, rather than the real motive: to assert control over women. Get to know your date’s work by spending a day together in the gynecologist examination room.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Make regularly statements like, “I though men were supposed to be strong and rational,” and ask, “How does your being so sentimental contribute to our relationship in a positive way? At the same time, those with a cancer star sign commonly mistake invited guests as intruders, become territorial and attack them in a fit of primal rage.

Only meet your date in public areas where he will be painfully self-conscious as he feels like everyone is watching and judging him, as he will thus be less likely to lash out and maim bystanders.

Gynecology is an important medical field, but unlike some other medical specialties, gynecology isn’t exactly dinner conversation material.

If you think you’d like to date a vagina doctor, you’d better read our Top 5 Gynecologist Dating Tips.Japan is one the most homogeneous countries in the world, and your date will be amazed to hear about the daily life in your backwaters homeland.