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stuff and — it sounds quite sycophantic but I mean it in the most professional way possible — I’d watch Leo slide into character 100 percent and I got really excited about acting again.

I pitched myself to play one particular role in the movie, but the scene got shifted and cut, and I lost the role.

’s star stuntman carries an air of beguiling mystery: He’s constantly shapeshifting, in and out of wigs and costumes, peering from behind onyx Ray-Ban aviators. From ’s first scenes, there seems to be something a little bit off about him, but it’s not until a flashback in the first act that some of the mystery is sourced.

Some people — maybe not his friend and employer Rick Dalton (Leonardo Di Caprio), though — think Cliff murdered his wife one day, out in the open ocean, while they were alone together on a boat. At first it seems like just a dramatic showbiz rumor.

Originally it was Randy, Kurt’s character, who was going to interrupt the fight [between Cliff and Bruce Lee].

After Xena, she did a number of small films and TV stunt work, including stunt coordinating in a short film with Adrienne Wilkinson (with whom she had previously worked on Xena).Just that there’s a that he may have killed his wife, or even that if he didn’t kill his wife, maybe she had killed herself or it was an accident — that it’s sort of shrouded with mystery just speaks to the character that he is. The best Cliff moment, other than him making the Kraft mac and cheese, is that little jump he does onto Rick’s roof. And if it makes sense in the script, then that’s what he wants. Bell began her career in 1998 when her father treated a stunt man for a head injury and came home with a phone number for her to call.I was like, “Right, well, I’m going to take the role of Kurt because I feel like I could probably do a pretty good Kurt Russell.” So, I was in the sort of template DVD of one of the versions of the fight.

I bust [Cliff] doing my best Kurt Russell, with an American accent, full Stuntman Mike style.

She’s just fierce, takes no shit, is probably running the show from behind the scenes — unless she’s pushed in front, which, you know, give her a choice and then she’s just going to do it out loud.

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