Questions on dating relationship

05-Oct-2019 01:35

Do you feel your relationship is a true partnership?

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We had known each other since junior high school, and I considered her the younger sister I never had. For the remainder of that semester, I agonized over what I should do. By being still and questioning myself, I gained access to my inner voice, which I had been drowning out in my panic. Do you feel you have made personal sacrifices for your relationship, and have they been reciprocated? However, our friendship survived because we both realized we cared enough to be brutally honest with each other, and that is rare. To this day, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I didn’t heed grandmother’s wisdom, and had reacted out of fear instead of stopping to question my true feelings. Even so, it's important not to judge your partner or get angry.

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If you find yourself upset or surprised, take a moment to digest what your partner has told you before responding.“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.” ~William S. Do either of you dredge up resentments in arguments, and why have you struggled to let them go? How do you feel when your partner arrives home after being away?