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But wait—wiretapping is audio, so why is that important for security cameras?Most newer Wi-Fi security cameras, including all three of our top picks, record both audio and video, which puts those devices under the governance of wiretapping laws.Essentially, if you don’t do anything wrong with the recording, who will know or care?In fact, Kirschenbaum said that courts have even carved out case-by-case exceptions to wiretapping laws without making any change to statute.Wiretapping laws vary somewhat from state to state.Federal wiretapping statutes allow audio recording if one of the two parties consents to the recording.

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Do you need to have a stack of consent forms next to your front door?See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. Home Wi-Fi security cameras such as our top pick, the Logitech Logi Circle, and the popular Google/Alphabet Nest Cam can let you check on pets and family when you’re away, and they may even help you catch a thief red-handed—but if you’re not careful, they can also turn you into a world-class snoop or even a cybercriminal.What makes this case even murkier is the technology involved.

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The use of security cameras, including nanny cams and Wi-Fi cameras, may also fall under federal and state wiretapping laws.Let’s say you invite some friends over, and one of those friends is Lady Gaga. First, you never received consent for the recording (hello, wiretapping law), and second, you can’t use a recording for commercial gain without the subject’s consent.

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