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13-Oct-2019 09:43

(She chose the guy in the first season, and later claimed she was never bisexual and was simply “gay for pay.” Since then she also seemed to become a Nazi sympathizer.) More recently, Logo’s 2016 The Bachelor knockoff Finding Prince Charming was so in thrall to its straight counterpart — indicated by the casting of the bland, if well-built, Prince Charming — that it failed to establish its own identity.

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” in a way that seems designed to turn on straight men — or at least, the trope is designed not to offend straight logics about desirability. aren’t just fluid in terms of their sexual orientation, and the actual show doesn’t limit itself to that straight-gazey question of “which gender will they pick?That element takes a funnier turn through Jonathan, a more femme guy, who also has a crush on Justin.To some degree, the housemates have to be serious about finding their “real” match — and in the show’s parlance, that means following your heart rather than your libido.Jonathan contorts himself to convince us — or himself?

— that following your heart and your libido can, in fact, be the same thing, as indicated by his straight-faced explanation for pursuing hunky Justin: “That takes a lot of work to look like that, and anybody who puts in that amount of work would put it into a relationship too.” (Jonathan also provides unintentionally creepy comedic relief with comments like, “If Justin were to deliver me a package in the middle of the night, I’d hope it would be his heart beating in a box.”) The show strikes a nice balance between a kind of pedagogy for clueless viewers — as the housemates explain their relationships to gendered identities — and being just another dating show.For instance, early on, Nour, described as an “aggressive possessive” (the castmates are all chyroned with their relationship style) tells the group about her difficulties coming out as queer in her Jordanian Muslim family and community.