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Born and raised in Louisiana, Hayden was a natural tinkerer and lifelong gun enthusiast who once described making his own zip gun as a kid out of junk from a construction site.This innate ingenuity from a young age didn't exactly correlate with an enthusiasm for school, with Hayden dropping out at 16 to join the Marines, earning his GED in the process."Some folks who heard the story but didn't know all the facts figured I was jazzed to the gills to get into a gunfight," Hayden later wrote."I just shot at the roof to make noise, trying to convince them to leave.Quickly, this childhood fixation on firearms and tinkering was becoming a real thing—a little family-owned firearms shop.Hayden put all of his savings into starting the business, an investment of about ,000 which was supplemented with purchases on credit, bank loans, and personal loans between friends.The beginning of Hayden's climb out of ruin came from one of the people with most cause to be angry with him—his mentor Scotty Scardina, whom Hayden was now in debt to.

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He owed money to people who'd lost their guns, owed money for rent, and needed money to live.It would take years to pay back his, but since Hayden had no options, he also had no choice.Hayden had to work to fulfill his financial obligations, but if he ever wanted to be taken seriously in the business again, he also needed to restore his reputation.Everything was going swimmingly—and then, while Hayden was away at a gun show, the business was robbed.

The robbery of Hayden's first gun store was an utter catastrophe, and destroyed the business before it had even had a chance to begin.It was a nod to his Choctaw heritage, a translation of an ancestral family name, Oshkhouma (sometimes written as 'Osguma').