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There will also probably be a memorial service a little bit later and we’ll obviously try and do something early next season at the club.

“I know many of you have also talked about the fact that we should name the West Stand, the Justin Edinburgh Stand.

The castle/castle connection made my finger twitch to use my camera.Here, Alastair Macaulay relives the horror of that moment and of the years of pain and paranoia that followed These days, when I hear that someone stands accused of involvement in child pornography or of paedophilia, I feel as distanced from it as many thousands of others presumably do.But I have recently come through a period of several years during which any report that someone was being investigated for sexual crimes against children would invariably make my heart fly out in distress to the person being accused.He said: “It’s been a really tough week for everyone and we’ve all obviously been reflecting on the great career and life of Justin, but most of all the shock of his passing has been something that has been very difficult to handle.

“In many ways I was very fortunate because with me that weekend I had Martin Ling, Ross Embleton, Craig Clay and Josh Coulson.Years earlier, when first I realised how much travel a critic's life involved, I had started to take a camera with me to most places I visited.