Resident assistants dating residents

01-Jun-2020 06:35

There are several basic expectations of Resident Assistants.

These expectations are essential to their fostering of individual and group development for the students to and for whom they are responsible.

All Resident Assistants must have a 2.80 at the time of hire and must maintain a 2.80 GPA during their tenure as a Resident Assistant.

Resident Assistants strive to help each student develop his/her full potential as a person, a student, and a member of his/her house, hall, and University communities.

· Conduct periodic floor meetings for the purpose of planning programs, disseminating information, and explaining residence hall procedures and policies.

Support Hall Council and Residence Hall Association by assisting in co-coordinating programmatic efforts.

They, therefore, can and do have a great influence on the development and education of those individuals.They must have sensitivity and concern for others as individuals and a personal commitment that may extend beyond specific RA responsibilities and demonstrate a professional attitude.