Rules to dating an intj

16-Jun-2020 00:00

[Read: Introverts vs Extroverts – Which side are you on?] Yes, as a rule, introverts do like to be alone more than extroverts do.This can come across as isolating to some but to an INTJ, it’s fulfilling.We enjoy taking on tasks and doing them alone simply because we like the way we process information and perform tasks better than other personality types.One of the women who created the test is Katherine Cook Briggs.

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When you don’t really rely on other people, you take initiative.It helps us with getting new jobs, within our jobs, in our relationships, and in any other person-to-person setting.Essentially, confidence touches many different parts of life and having a lot of it only does you good.I consider myself an ambivert, even though I come out as an ENTJ on the Myers-Briggs test every time. So, if you are one yourself, or you’re in an INTJ relationship, it’s a rarity! So here are some characteristics of INTJs, and how they affect an INTJ relationship. If an INTJ is dating someone like me *an ENTJ*, it might bug me that they are so private. [Read: Easy dating advice for introverts – 19 tips and tricks] #5 They are decisive. So, you need to reel them in and make sure they don’t walk all over you. Because they’re so smart, deep, and always curious, they sometimes want to share that information with people.

I love self-disclosure, and I think it’s how you build intimacy in a relationship. That’s great if it’s something you’re interested in, but if not, it could be a snooze-fest. Whoops, this is a bad one if you are in love with an INTJ.

But that doesn’t mean that introverts can’t be outgoing and social.