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27-Aug-2020 23:25

That’s not to say that it can’t, but in my experience I’ve found many guys who have a thirst for the world are not always keen on settling down, even if it is just with a girlfriend.

On the other hand, I’ve dated guys who had nothing to do with the travel world: accountants, bartenders, advertising creatives, city employees.

When the music came on he jumped around and swung his head like nobody else was in the room. And after one weekend of being inseparable, that was that.

Oddly, he was — and still is — actually proud of what I do.

I’d always believed that in order to live my life the way I wanted and to be understood I had to date another travel blogger, or at least a vagabond of some sort.

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Some of you may have noticed me briefly mention him, Chris, in some of my previous posts; however, this is the first formal announcement I’m making that I’m possibly a little less independent than I once was — although don’t think I still won’t be traveling solo most of the time. I am now exploring teaching this course, based on my book, as an eight week group course (eight 90 minute weekly sessions).I am running a trial group this spring, am teaching it for the Reading Interfaith network in the summer and also in a four day retreat format in July (see ‘coming events’ page).All that is needed is a room or hall big enough to sit the participants in a circle on upright comfortable chairs (anything from 15 to 25 is possible).

People can bring their own lunch but you might want to provide tea and coffee.

Despite the fact I make less money than him, he’s constantly bragging to his friends and family about how I paved my own way for success and created a life that allows me to explore the world and live on my own terms.