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So I am not sure if the medical profession is going a bit overboard in his case. Perhaps it's the way I interpreted your wording but "I don't want him to have it because it involves a general anaesthetic" sounds like you don't want him to have the treatment. If it was my daughter, having been there and done that with my own ears, I'd get it done without a second thought.

Your comment about a dim view of parents who refuse treatment comes across a bit hostile. I'm fairly sure our already stretched health system wouldn't do the operation just for the fun of it.

It's a tube that helps to stop fluid from building up.

I'm sorry but I suffered with ear issues for most of my childhood until I was finally operated on.

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i got a second opinion and we decided not to have the grommits, his hearing is fine we just did speech therapy but doc said we would have to with the grommits anyway.

I'm sorry but I suffered with ear issues for most of my childhood until I was finally operated on. She is having a difficult time at school as she isn't hearing the teacher, I don't want her struggling to keep up with the other kids.

I've got a dim view of parents who refuse treatment that would clearly help their children. Pro: recommended by a specialist who does it for a living, and wouldn't due to ethical and professional requirements recommend something unnecessary, so it appears it the best thing for your child and their development. My child required surgery for something different when she was 5.

She had to keep her ears out of the water for a week after the surgery, then i used ear buds after that when she went swimming which is good for your ears even if you don't have grommets.

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About 12 months after the procedure she had a check up & they had fallen out.

I was in a similar situation when my 4 year old was around 18 months.

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