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In 1992, the planned rename was shelved when the chief minister, Kalyan Singh, was forced to resign following the Babri Masjid demolition.

2001 saw another attempt led by the government of Rajnath Singh which remained unfulfilled.

Although the city's economy was built on tourism, most of its income now derives from real estate and financial services.

Prayāga is first mentioned in the Agni Purana and in Manusmriti, as the place where Brahma (the Hindu creator of the universe) attended a ritual sacrifice.Shaligram Shrivastv claimed in Prayag Pradip that the name was deliberately given by Akbar to be construed as both Hindu ("ilaha") and Muslim ("Allah").Over the years, a number of attempts were made by the BJP-led governments of Uttar Pradesh to rename Allahabad to Prayagraj.In contrast to the account of Xuanzang, the Muslim historians place the tree at the confluence of the rivers. Cunningham's conclusion in his reports on the Archaeological Survey also supports the assumption, "I infer that during the long period that intervened between the time of Hiuen Tsang and that of Akbar, the two rivers gradually carried away the whole of the sandy plain.

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Long before this time, the old city had, no doubt, been deserted, for we know that the fort of Allahabad was founded on its site." Henry Miers Elliot believed that a town existed before Allahabad was founded.Clockwise from top left: All Saints Cathedral, Khusro Bagh, the Allahabad High Court, the New Yamuna Bridge near Sangam, the skyline of Civil Lines, the University of Allahabad, Thornhill Mayne Memorial at Alfred Park and Anand Bhavan.), officially known as Prayagraj, and also known as Illahabad and Prayag, is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

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