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23-Oct-2020 17:17

When the shaving brand Harry’s discovered that men are three times more likely to talk about their emotions via technology than in person, it decided to take an unusual… Many experts in mental health point to a crisis among men that is showing no signs of going away.The bot should also use facial recognition in combination with voice biometrics for tigher security.Intelligent bot is not just a single machine learning model but is an integrated set of various AI components which facilitate different intelligence functions.Generative: Helper bot that generates responses to the users questions which do not require any external source of information such as general chit chat.It also has other capabilities like negotiation, self-learning and personalities.Some might be able to successfully respond to questions, but if the user follows up with the conversation, most bots today cannot maintain context about the question.An intelligent bot should be able to perceive its environment, make decisions, execute actions and even predict a user’s needs.

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Bot that interacts with users via multiple channels while maintaining a consistent experience and context.AI Services: Information Extractor is an AI model that helps retrieve information from unstructured data sources like documents, big data, and knowledge base including online document sources like Wikipedia and rank it based on confidence level.