Sexy girl pooping on camera

07-Mar-2020 16:40

About 30 girls take shits into a floor toilet rigged with multiple cameras. The camera pans down to show the turds final resting place inside the bowl. A snapshot of each girl is shown beside the toilet footage in split-screen format.

A cameraman records at least 30 women shitting into a public floor toilet at a department store in Japan.

A pretty, brunette girl wearing a pink blouse and black business skirt takes a shit into a plastic container and shows her product in detail to the camera. 2 perspectives are shown, including a POV of the man underneath the asses viewing the poop action. A voyeur cameraman records a seemingly oblivious girl taking a shit while sitting on a toilet and then wiping her ass.

About 8 minutes.3 girls take turns shitting while sitting on a potty chair with some guy lying directly beneath their asses.

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She looks in the direction of the camera, but is supposedly unaware of being recorded. Over 8 minutes.2 hidden cameras at a public train station restroom in Japan record 4 different, unsuspecting girls using a floor toilet. A plump, dark-skinned girl sits on a toilet, farts gently, pisses, and takes a shit with a few clearly-heard plops.