Speed dating in dublin

08-Jan-2020 02:17

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Just please, for the love of all that is good and holy, never, ever start with 'how r u? There just aren't enough people in Dublin to be narrowing down your criteria to hair colour, job description and the kind of shoes that they wear (true story). At this stage of your life, you should have come to the sobering realisation that you've been lied to by every movie or TV show in history.One way to do this is to change your natural habitat. You're not going to bump into some absolute ride while searching for a book in Eason's nor will you set up a date with a stunning model-type while queuing for a salad in Sprout.Been flirting with yer man in Coffee Angel for the last six months? Even if it doesn't go anywhere, you'll feel smooth AF.Friends despairing about your judgement when it comes to all things romantic? In all seriousness, your social group is an untapped resource when it comes to dating as they'll be able to give you the inside track on any potential hotties.

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It's cheaper, gives you a better idea of how compatible you are and there's a 75% less chance of you making an absolute and utter show of yourself after too many glasses of Pinot Grigio. Kilmainham Gaol is a random but very rewarding choice. However, you can't expect everything to fall in your lap (ahem) so quit waiting on the messages to come flowing in and strike up a conversation for yourself. I'm firmly convinced that this is the reason that 50% of people are unhappily single. If you've ever been referred to as having a 'bang of wedding cake off you', it might be time to relax.Tickets cost €15 per person and that will grant you a drink upon arrival, snacks, entertainment and a raffle ticket as well as two-for-one entry to the Irish Emigration Museum if you hang onto your stub and present it there within three months.