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In , three buddies engage in that very analog hookup practice in which singles are paired up according to assigned numbers and have a small amount of time to lure their potential mates into bed.

Not that Too Cool (the very hot Wesley Jonathan), Dog (Chico Benymon), and Beaver (Leonard Robinson) are Luddites nostalgic for pre-Craigslist modes of cruising, or that straight folk get the sexual technology memo rather late in the game.

I wanted to make something entertaining and relatable but I also wanted it be different and bigger than my last few films.

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TOMATOMETER Critics 25% | Audience 40% October 2, 2010 / “Speed-Dating” tells the tale of three bachelors, Too Cool (Wesley Jonathan), Beaver (Leonard Robinson) and Dog (Chico Benymon), who spend their evenings putting on fake “speed dating” events in a effort to get large quantities of women together that they can then pick-and-choose from (while also making some money off the unwitting male and female participants). Why is Chris Elliott blue, and is that Clint Howard scamming on chicks?

And the introduction of the supposedly "high tech" guru character who spends way too much time trying to impress us with his chatter about big data, devops, integration of legacy systems and other contrived chatter that just proves he's an idiot and does not create any humor.