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02-Feb-2020 11:31

I lead you by the collar across the floor making you walk on your knees.We get to the bedroom and I throw you on the bed and tell you to get on your knees I push your head forward with your ass sticking up in the air.The staff at Top Chats believes in making your search for the perfect site as easy as possible.That’s why we bring you only the best and most addictive sex chat sites.Their eyes will light up when you enter their live room and that’s truly an exciting thing to experience.You left before Your Master was fully satisfied, I am not at all happy with My Submissive Sex Slave.Well, rest assured that our sites literally have something for everyone.Our reviews will give you a more in-depth look at each, but at the very least, a site has to have the following to make it onto our list: Meeting new people online is exciting, but when you can go ahead and talk about sexual and intimate things with them, the intensity grows to a whole new level.

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You are moaning as you ask me not to do that and to please put my hard shaft deep into your pussy.I grab the chain and pull you back onto the bed throwing you on your side and I grab your tits squeezing them and I lower my mouth to the nipples sucking each of them and then biting down on them until you cry out.Your nipples are erect now as I continue to knead your tits roughly and I keep sucking and biting your hardened nipples.Your Master is going to dominate you and punish you and take you where you have never been before so you will not be disobedient again.

I have instructed you to be at our love hideaway and you had better not be late or punishment will be added.

I then grab you by the hair and pull you up to your knees and I snap a collar on you with a chain attached so I can lead you where I want to.

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