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The flash was enough to confirm that there really was someone behind them, and trying hard to catch up.

She looked worriedly at Johnny, but he still seemed completely unconcerned.

Over that way, that where ole Papa Joubert store use to be; Maw-maw Lucianne, his wife, she make the best hot cinnamon candy in Terrebonne; li'l Mel an' Odie allus come on out here with me an' eat fried legs an' candy 'til they sick, then I got to explain to Tante Amice why they so sick an' sticky an' stained-up; boy, she whup me good, but they was still good days..." Justine watched his face as his memory unreeled, seeing the years drop away and the naughty, adorable boy Amice had told her about emerging again; her expression softened at the sight of Johnny so lost in his memories, a side of him she'd only ever seen fleeting glimpses of before.

But still that truck coming up behind them worried her; it worried her that they were out here in the middle of nowhere, alone and in the open, that they were only one jump ahead of whoever was looking for them, and that Johnny wasn't in the least bit concerned.

Even as she pondered how to snap him out of it, there came the sound she'd been dreading, loud and clear: the other truck had caught up with them, and then an old but immaculate stepside painted a dusky orange, the exact same shade as a ripe persimmon, bucketed around the corner concealing them and purred to a halt right behind them. " hissed Justine, punching his arm to wake him out of his reverie as the driver and passenger doors swung open. Justine jumped when a pretty brunette girl poked her head into the cab of the Blazer and grinned at her.

Johnny roused, looked around and behind him, and grinned. An equally pretty blonde girl did the same on the driver's side, and Johnny smiled and winked at both of them.

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This is not a depiction of the real world, it's my story universe, so the characters do or say things differently from how you think they would in the real world, please remember that this is just a story; it's just fun, something I hope will help you while away a quiet hour or so. beachbum1958 ***** Justine fanned herself languidly, ineffectively, as the temperature in the cab of the old blue Blazer rose steadily, even with the windows down.

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All characters portrayed herein are over 18 years of age.We are also available at Facebook Hit Like to our page to be connected with Eh Chat for it’s Latest update!For Free Chat Without Registration Choose any of below Rooms – Second Rooms is compatible to desktops since it runs on flash player.His eyes were distant, far away, his whole posture one of almost complete relaxation.

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Justine leaned over to check him out, and he smiled at her, a small, almost wistful smile, like he was recalling something from long ago and far away.

Johnny never seemed to think in term of hours and minutes, especially when she tried to get a guesstimate of their arrival time out of him; his standard response always seemed to be 'time be time, li'l gal; we come there when we come there, don'cha-all fret now!