Teenage wiccan dating

29-Mar-2020 20:40

"On any given day, you can go to a mall or bookstore and...

books on witchcraft are readily available and being studied," says Carolyn May, a wife, mother and former school nurse who has been educating parents about the dangers of the occult for 25 years.

I., who has worked with teens and the occult for the last 10 years, recognizes the attractiveness of Wicca to adolescents in search of spiritual meaning.

"Our world has become so consumer-oriented, so goal- and appearance-driven, kids feel a real sense of powerlessness in their life," he says.

Publishing Phenomenon Statistics from publishers show a growing interest in Wicca.

In the late 1980s, sales of Wicca tides averaged about 2,000 to 4,000 copies a year at Carol Publishing Group.

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Large publishers are also cashing in on the witchcraft craze. Some publishers offer titles specifically aimed at teens.

A writer who identifies herself as Britt says: "I was talking to my friend Dave... Kids run the risk of actually having manifestations of evil spirits, being harassed or bothered by evil spirits.

Sometimes you say that to parents, and they look at you like you're crazy.

I eventually gave up, and became non-religious." A trip to Salem changed his mind. On several occasions, I find this happening to me, and I often feel 'deja vu.' This contributes to my attraction towards Wicca." For others, Wicca's appeal lies in it's emphasis on personal freedom.

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It isn't caught up in "this is the way we've always done things," one 17-year-old Wiccan explained.

"I think kids do spell casting or try to learn it [spell casting] for love because they just feel this real deep hunger for something." Although Wiccans' beliefs vary widely, when teens look for Wiccan spirituality, they'll probably discover the following common notions: Most Wiccans worship a dual deity, the Horned God and the Lady.

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