Too accommodating what is validating

24-May-2020 21:01

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They may not be all that empathetic or sympathetic to the needs of others.

They may be genuinely oblivious to their own behavior or they may actively not care.

There are those who devote so much energy to being nice to other people as a form of self-medication to avoid confronting their own problems.

They may throw so much of their time and energy into the niceness they are giving to others that they may not address or take care of their own needs. People will go through a lot of positive and negative situations.

Predators and users tend to shy away from people who don’t allow themselves to be manipulated.

However, it can be easy to lose sight of the rest of the world if your circle becomes too closed off.

Many people are selfish, self-centered creatures that are driven solely by their emotions and perspective of the world.You may also like (article continues below): A grounded perspective on the world we live in is necessary to ensure we maintain a healthy, balanced mindset.Ideally, as a nice person, you’ll find yourself surrounded by other nice and kind people as you erect and enforce your boundaries well.It’s extremely easy to get swept up in the negativity and problems of other people and pulled along with them.

Next thing you know, you may look around and see that years have passed without making meaningful progress on your problems that would allow you to find peace of mind and happiness.Quite often, they will then try to walk back their behavior by telling you that you just misunderstood, they didn’t mean it the way that they presented it, or that they were just joking.