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The greatest three Rings Celebrimbor crafted alone.Many other lesser rings were made, described in The Silmarillion and by Gandalf, though they were generally considered as having been mere essays in the craft: practice, as it were, for the smiths.The impetus for their creation came from Sauron, who could at that time still assume an appearance fair enough to deceive at least some of the Elves.

Instead, the Rings kindled in them an overwhelming greed for treasure, and so ruin was brought to each regardless.

It is implied in that work that Sauron simply gave Men nine of sixteen lesser Rings because they were more easily controlled.

However, the Nine and the Seven are referred to in other works as each being its own distinctive set.

However, they were still linked to the One Ring, and whoever wore it could, with effort, see the thoughts of those who wore the Three.

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In The Silmarillion, it is indicated that the Seven Rings of the Dwarves were not fundamentally different from the Nine that were given to Men, for originally Sauron had intended the Seven and the Nine to reside in Elven hands so that he might control them.

Sauron helped to create the Seven and the Nine, so it is likely that their powers and effects on their wielders were similar, even if each set was distinct.