Twins dating twins and having babies

06-Jul-2020 00:43

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But you can take steps, such as with diet, to lower your risk. A lack of healthy red blood cells from too little iron can lead to premature birth.Be sure to add iron to your diet as recommended by your doctor.Keonyae initially said all parties involved were OK with the situation and the three of them were living happily together as a “throuple” as they wait for the babies to arrive.Keonyae even bragged about the whole thing on Instagram, writing: “I bet [I’m] the only n***a y’all know wit twin baby mommas and both kool wit it …

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Your babies may also have breathing problems and low blood sugar when they are born.“I just found out April 1st that while him and his other [baby mama] were dating he got my sister pregnant as well and that she is due a month after me,” Nydia shared. “Just gross.” Now it looks like Keonyae, Nydia and Nia have put all of that behind them, because they’re working on some sort of a show/documentary together (just like Keonyae “predicted” in his Instagram post above).Los Angeles-based film director Christopher Jackson shared a trailer for the show called “Twin Baby Mamas” on his Instagram Wednesday.“This pregnancy saved their marriage,” says the seemingly phony source.

The “insider” also maintains that George asked Barack Obama to be the godparent of his “new twins” when the former president visited the actor’s Lake Como home last month.“It’s a miracle they didn’t see coming,” a supposed source tells the magazine, adding that the human rights lawyer is around three months pregnant but won’t make an official announcement until she’s “five or six months” along.