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When Roberts was back stateside, he went to watch Palmer at the Western Open outside of Chicago, and waited outside the clubhouse at Olympia Fields to speak with him.

He got his chance, and told Palmer that he was one of the two soldiers to whom Palmer had shipped clubs in Vietnam.

Simple rhymed text with a bouncy cadence matches the playfully painted, realistic-looking animals.

"Good morning, little musk ox,/It's time, I think you know,/To shake your messy tangles/Full of sparkly winter snow." This is a good storytime choice, and the additional information on each animal extends it to classroom use.

) ATLANTA – One year has passed since the world – not just the sports world – lost Arnold Palmer, the king of golf. There’s no debate: For 87 years, this planet definitely had global warming.

In the 364 days since, we have missed his touch, his kindness, his humility, his playfulness, his compassion, and mostly, his overall bigger-than-life, thumbs-up presence. He was born in the Great Depression in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, and his name was Arnold Daniel Palmer.

It really hit home.” The year that has followed Palmer’s death has allowed for the telling of so many great stories about the man.

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Simpson competed twice at Bay Hill as an amateur, and in spending time around Palmer, he came to appreciate his people skills. “You shook his hand, and he made you feel like you’d known him your whole life,” Kuchar said.

Palmer had defeated 26-year-old rookie George Will of Scotland in singles, 3 and 2, and finished 4-2 to help lead the U. “Everyone needs that source of inspiration, and he was always one to fill that gap for a lot of people.