Ubuntu grub not updating

28-Sep-2019 17:53

If you’re running a Linux operating system (like Ubuntu), it’s a good idea to check and update the kernel regularly.

The first two digits (in this case, 4.4) are the overall kernel package.

The Linux kernel is the foundation on which all the different types of Linux, operate.

The easiest way to do this is by installing and running a package manager called "Ukuu", but you can also download and install manually the kernel files from the Ubuntu kernel web archive.The update manager will notify you if there are any updates needed. (It usually takes a few days after release for this to become available, and for the server traffic to lighten up.) If you just want to upgrade to the latest (untested) kernel available, and you’re aware of the risks, there’s a third procedure for selecting and installing a new kernel.If you performed the steps in Part A, it should say your computer is up to date. Before performing this step, it’s worth doing a little homework on your system configuration. If you make a mistake and find that the new kernel is incompatible, a recovery option should be available.As technology progresses, developers discover patches and updates to the Linux kernel.

These patches can improve security, add functionality, or even improve the speed at which the operating system functions.

Using the “dist-upgrade” switch will ask Ubuntu to handle any dependencies intelligently. This is a safe way to upgrade your Ubuntu Linux kernel.

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