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Source: Curia (Dutch – not available in English yet) Are you responsible for trade compliance reporting within your company?Then you should be aware of the fact that authorities within the EU use different sorts of data analyses. Please find below an overview of the VAT ECJ judgements and AG opinions in 2019.The first coastal webcam in Exmouth founded at the start of 2004, enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide as well as local Exmouth residents.The webcam has been a great success and has even been seen on both local, national, and international news channels!Since installing the "Sea Front" webcam (see About for more info), Electro Cam - the specialists behind the webcam, have installed other cameras in various places.Some of these cameras are accessible to the public - For more information on Electro Cam's range of webcam services, please visit If you are feeling generous you can look at the users list and treat them if you would like.many of our couple cameras are here to make a living but also you can see couple cam free.

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I love the restaurants/Bistros that don’t belong to the big chains, there are plenty of those to choose from. Will definitely do what you suggest - we like to walk!I’ve been looking at places to eat wondering whether we should book ahead as it’s a Bank holiday but as you say there is plenty of choice so think we will risk it so we’re not restricted, and we’re not fussy eaters.The Dutch Supreme Court asked the European Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling (summarised): Judgment: The European Court of Justice rules as follows: 1) A complex service, which consists of offering live interactive erotic webcam sessions, is an ‘entertainment activity’ or ‘amusement activity’, which must be considered to be ‘materially’ or ‘actually’ take place or a permanent establishment from which he provides the service or, failing that, his place of residence or his usual place of residence.

2) As the recipients of the live interactive erotic webcam sessions are all located in the Member State of the service provider, it is not necessary to answer the question if these services qualify as ‘electronically supplied services’.

For each case, we provide further background information (just click on the relevant case).