Updating and fixing data sources with arcpy mapping

11-Oct-2020 12:02

The third scenario involves automating the opening and fixing of the map file through a Python script.This should be relatively easy to do, after all, as ESRI has some pretty good information in their Resource Center here There were a few small challenges to get a script to process a bunch of map files located in various shared directories.Walk(out_loc): for f in fc: if f not in fl_nm_lst: arcpy.Delete_management(f) `dirpath` is the path to the workspace as a string.The second scenario is similar to the first, but to hire a temporary worker to open all the maps and fix the data source.Very tedious work, but what the heck, that’s why they are a temp!

updating and fixing data sources with arcpy mapping-24

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We encountered a corrupted map file and the corresponding exception that was thrown was not useful at all: While there are several resources for performing this task available online, we hope that this little consolidated version will get you on your way to updating your data sources en masse.We identified three scenarios to handle this situation: First, whenever a user opens the map, they can manually repoint the data source.