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11-Jul-2020 14:13

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If Jane Doe is specified as the manager for Terence Hill, then while creating a user certification definition, as described in "Creating Certification Definitions", when you select user manager as the primary reviewer, Jane Doe is automatically set as the primary reviewer for the certification tasks generated for Terence Hill. For example, you might configure "items with open audit violations" as high risk, whereas "items that are closed as risk-accepted" you might configure as medium risk.The organization certifier is the user selected in the Certifier User Login field in the Attributes tab of the Organization Details page in Oracle Identity Self Service. Generally speaking, you should reserve high Risk-Factor levels for conditions in which privileges are being extended to users that may be irregular or dangerous.

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Each line item collects or groups together according to the type of certification the set of privilege-assignments related to a particular identity or privilege. See "Predefined Scheduled Tasks" in for information about the Certification Creation Task scheduled task.

Closed-loop remediation is a feature that utilizes the provisioning system of Oracle Identity Manager to automatically revoke accounts, roles, and entitlements based on the results of the Oracle Identity Manager certification process. Now consider there might be thousands of user accounts on this resource, some subset of which has the entitlement-assignment that allows the user to create a trouble ticket.

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