Updating file in jar

23-Aug-2020 13:14

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Now they made some changes to a certain jar file ... You'd basically just unpack it, and then you'd decompile the classes inside it, and then you'd update the file, and then recompile the source code files and repackage it into a new jar. Do you mean that you want a running program to alter the jar file that it's deployed in? It's a huge pain in terms of ongoing maintenance if the jar file you deploy isn't the same jar file that the user has after a month of using the program. If you have a restricted list of classes which will be loaded from the jar, and loading those classes from the jar doesn't happen too often, then it can be done.

Hi, I've been working on an application, a sort of a test engine. I'm trying to create some feature that the program will do automatic updates for itself. During the run time, I let the program download an updated jar file at some point, with different name, say, append a '_TMP' at the end, which is to avoid directly overwriting the current used jar file, which ... (I have a working example here.) Basically, every time you want to create an instance of a class from the jar, you create a new classloader based on the (latest ...

The Java™ Archive (JAR) file format enables you to bundle multiple files into a single archive file.

Typically a JAR file contains the class files and auxiliary resources associated with applets and applications.

I am having a problem creating a jar file 1)I successfully archived my classes in by :- jar uf my *.class 2)I successfully updated my manifest to specify entry point by:- jar cmf my Manifest File my *.class 3) I want to archive an images directory into the jar that my application uses- here is my problem! IOException: Error in writing existing jar file at sun. If you want this question to be reopened, post a zero-point question in Subject: Moderator Please Reopen Body: Please reopen this question: reopened, you can perform a split.

Main.run(Mai jar cvf audio classes images adding: audio/1adding: audio/2adding: audio/3adding: audio/adding: classes/Animator.class adding: classes/Wave.class adding: images/adding: images/at_Regards, Freedom oliver UK, The link I gave in my first comment was a specific link of a whole Lesson: "Using JAR Files: The Basics." ashok's comment is just a copy/paste out of another part of that lesson.

I was not getting it before and unless I'm losing my sight, I can't see what's different. Another jar question : I run this bat file on an XP machine.

@ECHO OFF del *.class javac -classpath .;..\include_files\classes12*del jar cvf *.class jar uvf -c ../include_files *jar umvf del *.class copy ..\scripts\pause REM monitor When it come across the highlighted line above, it says there's no such file or directory but proceeds to copy EVERYTHING in the include_files directory into my jar file anyway.

Each time the Jar executes, the last thing it must do is increment the sequence number by one. Hello I am not sure if i should have posted this question in this forum or in the beginners forum :-) I have been given a project to work on recently and its pretty complex. This application has a very structered build process. For example, maybe you could create a single new ...This section shows you how to digitally sign JAR files and verify the signatures of signed JAR files.

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