Updating kernel in linux mint

20-Sep-2020 18:58

updating kernel in linux mint-68

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If problems arise, you will be able to go back to the old firmware (via TFTP).The procedure is as follows: after the device is turned on, a bootloader is launched, which performs initialization of the system, as well as checks and loads the executable code.Let's consider various implementations of a software update mechanism in several open-source projects, such as Open Wrt, Openmoko and Open Inkpot.In a project for creating free software for Open Wrt network routers, you can update the firmware from various sources, a Web interface or TFTP. You simply visit a device setup page (Software Update Section) and copy the new software using a special HTML form.

When update files are received and checked, you can start the process of writing them to the system ROM.

I also advise checking the compatibility of the new firmware with the device (PCB revision).

if you have ROM capacity sufficient for storing the old and new firmware (Figure 2), the system implements the option with the possibility of going back to the previous version of the software in case of upgrade process failure.

Obviously, this option does not allow the system to restore to the previous firmware in the event of an update process failure.

The U-Boot loader implements a built-in function of checking the integrity of the loaded Linux kernel image (controlled by the verify variable), which helps check its integrity even before the OS starts and (using hush scripts) identify alternative sources for booting the software (old firmware or TFTP, Line Parsing).Under the Openmoko project, DFU is part of a modified version of the U-Boot bootloader.