Updating mercedes navigation systems

01-Sep-2020 06:43

In rare situations, some of your subscriptions might be kept as they are maintained by third parties. Your Mercedes-Benz navigation system enables you to find the shortest and the quickest route to your destination as well as the locations of your favorite attractions.If you would like to unsubscribe from these third-party accounts as well, please contact us directly [email protected] But what about the highways and roads, subdivisions and businesses that have changed or been added since you acquired your vehicle... From there you can select the type of Mercedes-Benz vehicle that you have, as well as its year.After that it will take you to a page explaining what you are downloading for your vehicle.The only thing that appears to have changed is that the system now loads the map on the hard drive instead of the having a DVD player.I also don't think it is illegal if I buy the new map from HERE... Amazon also sells a new unit with updates for less than what the dealer is charging: Amazon.com: Becker Map Pilot Mercedes Benz Brand New - Latest Edition: GPS & Navigation Is this our unit?

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Lucky for you, if you are going to pay for the navigation service, updating those maps will only take you a couple minutes and you will have all of the latest maps to help you get where you need to go as quickly as possible!

It is extremely fast and easy to download the latest map updates for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

The first step you need to do is head on over to the Mercedes-Benz navigation site.

The service staff informed me that there will be a newer version coming out this November and I should wait and it would also be a no charge update. Anyway, I hope someone chimes in with a way to update for free as I think this should be a free service for everyone.

I can understand a dealer needs to make money but it's not even a price that is acceptable.You will then have to add the order to your cart and check out.