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07-Oct-2019 05:17

You cannot get i Tunes to stop doing this, sadly, and I don't think you can exactly re-implement the Doug's Applescripts solution for expired playlists for Windows - it relies on manually updating each podcast rather than calling update all.And the i Tunes COM object does not seem to expose a way to update individual podcasts, only the entire list.

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Apart from that, the i Tunes branding doesn’t align with Apple Podcasts on i OS, which is how a majority of people listen to shows.

Visit Stack Exchange I subscribed to about 30 interesting podcasts which I would like to listen to one day when I have time... I just noticed that i Tunes has not been downloading some of them for months with the following error: I found a script for OSX and a few workarounds, but as far as I am concerned, this is annoying and I should not have to work around it.