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24-Feb-2020 03:25

The first question is about the value and appropriateness of using the shell environment. No, but it is very efficient for managing simple parameters, and also widely recognized and understood.

learning 5 completely different mechanisms for 5 different ubiquitous aspects of what is "the environment".

The problem statement, all variables and given/known data: Here is what I am supposed to do, word for word from my assignment page: 1. Hello, I'm attempting to configure shell settings in my new Macbook. How can I alias or redirect or link the /usr/bin to /bin just for this... I want to set up top so that it always displays the username.

I have a couple of programs that have these commands pointed towards /usr/bin, ie, /usr/bin/echo (even though the actual 'echo' command is in /bin).

Of the few times I've used Linux, this is the first time it won't update. I have an app in FP26 with 400 prgs currently en UW7.1.1 thats work perfectly. I have attempted to follow the instructions given on the site but made the mistake on the code I downloaded.

Im connected to the net the updater recognizes that the OS needs 21 updates. This was pointed out to my by the developer and I have since downloaded the proper code. Hello Expert, is there any command through which i can update/replace the folder after every two months.

Say if i type %rm the command should expand to %mv ~ashishp/trash How should I write the alias for this? im just new in using unix and im trying to create a command by using an "alias" and incoporating it in my .profile.