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Dates are the biggest culprits since some people insist on entering dates the wrong way and what looks like a date on the sheet is actually just text. By using data validation, not only can you control the type of information the user enters into cells (such as dates, numbers, or text) but the range of data as well.

Not only does this create more work down the line, but it can also end up causing formulas to go wrong and filters not to work. Most people just reach for the mouse when they want to perform an action in Excel, but with a few keyboard shortcuts you can speed up your work and save a great amount of time.

Named ranges (or defined names) apply to a single cell or a range of cells and, as you can see in the formula, can be used as a direct replacement for the cell or range address.

Named ranges are also intrinsically absolute, so no need for dollar symbols to anchor refs.

Let’s say you need to keep 12 months of complex accounts in one workbook.

You have created 12 sheets and named them January to December, laid out and formatted the January sheet, and then proceed to copy and paste the spreadsheet to the other 11 sheets.

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The second formula makes use of so-called named ranges.

Conditional formatting makes short work of highlighting key values based on simple rules.

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