Validating form php

01-Nov-2019 21:52

Yet, PHP still plays a very important role on the web both for new applications and as the language for many existing codebases you might encounter.

In fact, in the 2017 Stack Overflow developer survey, PHP came in 6th in popularity right behind Python by only a few percentage points.

The first topic we’ll discuss is using PHP to perform some basic form validation.

validating form php-60

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You can download the PHP form validation script below:The zip file contains the form validation script formvalidator.php, documentation and usage samples.The first validation we can perform is to check that the user entered information: which removes all extra white spaces from the beginning and end of a string.So if a user accidentally pressed the space bar one too many times when typing in their last name you’ll get rid of all those with trim.The user should select an option other than this option.

If the value of this option is ‘Select One’, the validation description should be “dontselect=Select One”compare two elements in the form and make sure the values are the same For example, ‘password’ and ‘confirm password’. Nonetheless, it is true that every user can make a mistake.

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