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14-May-2020 03:35

I recently bought a new Linksys wireless router and after setting it up with basic WEP security, I tried to logon from my laptop and was successful! So then I tried to connect from my desktop computer that has a wireless USB adapter attached to it and I ended up getting this error message: Fabulous! I checked my settings on the wireless router to make sure I didn’t accidentally setup certificate security, but found no such thing.

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Back to the XP forums, although I am starting to wonder if it is worth it... Connect to the router via the ethernet cable instead, install XP SP3 and what seems like a couple of hundred other updates via Windows Update.Is this a fairly new thing for Windows XP (maybe a service pack or update) or did I just never encounter this for the first few years while using Windows XP?Maybe some fairly recent Windows XP update automatically checks the "Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network" box under the Wireless Network Properties?First, click on the wireless icon in your taskbar and under Related Tasks, choose Change advanced settings.

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Now click on the Wireless Networks tab and select the network in the list at the bottom.

Click on Properties once you select the wireless network that is having problems.