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13-Jul-2020 18:28

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Different browsers use different rendering engines so tricks used to make HTML render as desired in one browser may not work in another browser or even in an earlier or later version of the same browser.

Fortunately, browsers today are driving toward standards compliance, and proprietary elements like "layer" and "ilayer" are being dropped.

Xenu is a utility for Windows that checks your web site for broken links.

It can work both with a "live" website as well as on a copy of your web site residing on your own hard disk.

Buy Now Mobile devices have become very popular, and many people may be viewing your website on a mobile device.

If one is detected that references a known Git host, some extra links can be checked.The program is free, runs on a variety of systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc. Note: the newest version, located at the above address, did not have any executables/binaries (programs that are ready-to-run) available at the time I wrote this entry, since the programmers were still testing it.