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11-Mar-2020 00:12

Of course, it was not only fantastic to meet Kit for the first time, but to also catch up with Van Hansis, who we had not spoken with since the final week of airshows for back in September of 2010.

There have been so many burning questions that fans have continually wanted to have answers to since that time, such as: what did Van think of Luke’s final days on ATWT after Reid was killed and he was left as the only character without a happy ending?

Driving home one night, Jake Silbermann's car is hit by something.

Managing to barely escape with his life, Jake realizes that the animal that attacked him wasn't an animal at all. Having been bitten, he's beginning to change into something not quite human.

This was written for the What Did You Do prompt meme community on LJ for the prompt "I think you owe me an explanation" prompted by Jim Jake was just cast in a role for this year's run of A Christmas Story, and he's getting on well with his co-stars.

Problem is, looks like the guy who was cast as Ebenezer is turning out to be a real Scrooge.

Part two summary: Jake and Van discuss the merits of Bride & Prejudice. Part three summary: X-Men3 is really gay Jake and Van haven't seen each other in a few years when fate suddenly pushes them together.No matter how much he tries he can't forget that day and when he gets a second chance he takes it without a second thought.But fate turns out to be a bitch, leaving him heartbroken, a little older, a little more cynical.That it wasn't such a struggle to keep it together. That they lived in the same fucking state at least. Jake wants to be an asshole and agree because fuck yes, they should have been prepared.

So maybe he and Van aren't the most famous actors, to say the least, but jesus fucking christ, Nathan and company knew how very enthusiastic their fans could be.

Jake doesn't believe in fate, not in the way he knows others do.

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