Visual basic validating fields

10-Oct-2019 12:37

Which validation control do you use for a particular validation?

For answers to these questions, read Develop your own Web Accounting Application Using ASP .

Validation rules verify that the data users enter in a form meets the standards you specify before the form can be submitted.

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We need to check whether user has entered data in a field because the value which is entered into this field is going to be stored in a field which cannot be NULL.The validation control tests the data and sets the Is Valid property to indicate whether the data qualifies to be passed.After all validation tests in a form have been passed, the Is Valid property on the page is set.Do you need to write a VB script or is there a simpler way?

If VB script, please advise on logic Now select your Data Entry form and from the image drop down list add on a Preview of Template below the Length entry field and make this image as large as possible so the users will see the warning clearly.

As the operators type in the value then both typed in value and the warning message will appear on the preview below as they type it, so if they are adding in 11 when they type the 1st 1 the warning will be displayed but this will disappear when the 2nd character is entered.