Ways of accommodating the physically challenged

18-Jan-2020 02:22

ways of accommodating the physically challenged-38

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Cruises can be great vacations for disabled passengers.Travelers in wheelchairs or with other physical challenges, as well as people with medical conditions, can read about which ships are best for handling disabilities, what services cruise ships provide and what kind of pre-cruise preparation they should do.I know that my son has hypotonia, but he has never been eligible for physical therapy in school.Then there’s the problem of delayed social skills – how does a student participate in a team activity when social nuances are confusing?Peer-to-peer support groups can work together in class to ensure full inclusion.For example, when my son was having trouble with his gym locker, another student offered to share his locker with him.

The first two things I always notice about phys ed classes are the loud music and fluorescent lights in the gym.

Accessibility is important: not just wheelchair ramps, but also accommodations for sensory needs, closed caption availability, and flexibility for people with chronic health problems.

Instead of thinking of people as having "special needs" to consider accommodating, shift the paradigm so that it is natural to meet everyone's basic access needs.

The music problem is easy to solve – lower the volume or turn it off.

Soundproof headphones may also be used indoors, and sunglasses can be used outdoors.Additionally, special education students often have delays in gross motor skills due to conditions such as hypotonia or dyspraxia.