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11-Jun-2020 20:23

You look super sexy in the ad, how did the shoot go?

The shoot was intense, but it was cool because of the team involved.

Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan has taken to micro-blogginng site Twitter to slam rumours that she is dating model Adam Senn.

The Mean Girls star, who is in India currently to shoot a BBC documentary, ...

Adam is a good guy and Lindsay is definitely starting to turn to him when things get bad.”Thoughts on Li Lo’s new "friend"?

Hit the Floor Moves to Bet for Season Four VH1 is not renewing its Hit the Floor TV show, but hasn't cancelled it, either. You might not know his name, but chances are you've eyed his abs.

I always wash my face, have a shower, perhaps use a little moisturiser in very dry climate, deodorant and then fragrance to finish. CHECK OUT MORE CELEBRITY ADVERTS What do you like doing in your spare time? I also like to be outside and play golf or be out on the ranch whenever I can, as being active does a lot for my peace of mind; I tend to feel a little restless otherwise! Seeing my family is so important and I always try and make time for that.

Talking of fragrance, how would you describe The One Sport in 3 words? Adam, we wouldn't mind getting in the buggy, playing a round and getting a hole in one with you.

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) and since then he has become a bit of poster boy for the brand.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw Madonna arrive at Tom Munro’s Exhibition of Celebrity Portraits March Private Preview, ...