Who is camila cabello dating

14-Nov-2020 08:48

When the DJ asked Camila what the last song lyric she wrote was, she said, “This is a lot. They then spoke about about Camila was once doing “a lot of hurting” and “a lot of healing”, but “now it’s a lot of lovin’.” LOVIN! “So basically, the song is kind of making an observation from the outside looking in about somebody that I met and that I was kind of having this flirtationship with, and it was like, you know, a famous guy.” She continued, “And I was just kind of noticing that a lot of the times it’s this facade with people that are celebrities and they kind of can’t turn it off like it’s always a performance. It’s this mirage, and I don’t want to fall in love with a name or just because you’re famous or who you are.

Okay, well, I just wrote, ‘I can’t say your name without smiling.’ Aw Zane replied, “Wow!

The performers have known each other for a few years now. Camila split with her love guru boyfriend Matthew Hussey in June, after the pair had been together for 18 months.

According to reports, it was a mutual decision to end things and the relationship had simply run its course.

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Cabello also opened up about being nervous in front of her man, even though they’ve been together for quite some time. I stutter or my hands are shaky,” Cabello explained. The two could undoubtedly be engaged in 2019, as Hussey is ready to start a family — when the time is right, of course. When the time is right I would love to [start a family] and my mum wants me to as well.Fans of the pair have even speculated that they've dated and often write songs about each other.

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