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The series finale sees Josh take the gang for a getaway on his new yacht.It’s there that Gabi is given the opportunity of a lifetime by the yacht’s chef (Alex Guarnaschelli) but Josh has his own proposal in mind.The show, inspired by San Francisco food blogger Gabi Moskowitz, took audiences through the ever-changing romance between chef Gabi Diamond (Emily Osment) and her rich tech mogul boss Josh Kaminski (Jonathan Sadowski).Along for the ride were Gabi’s roommate and bestie Sofia Rodriguez (Aimee Carrero), Josh’s housekeeper Yolanda (Kym Whitley) and publicist Elliot Park (Rex Lee).We’re excited to see if we will come back for season two. What else can you say about that and what you think would be included in it? I want to see them get married and have Gabi sort of solidify her career a little bit more and figure out if this job in Seattle is going to work. It probably got painted over, but I kind of hid it in a spot. It seems like a weird thing to remember, but when you’re walking around, and your feet hurt for eight hours, it’s hard to forget them.When you look forward with the relationship of Josh and Gabi, what do you want to see in this movie plot to bring closure? Maybe have Josh take a back seat in his career to have her shine. We really didn’t get a chance to take anything, but I didn’t really need to.You essentially have grown up in front of the camera going all the way back to Disney Channel's that were my own age. I drew a couple of parallels for sure when we were working. It was a lesson in taking care of yourself because we worked very hard. I run into people when I’m working on other things that were crew members on shirt to work because he missed it so much. It’s that thing that brought us all together, and we got to be together for a long time. , what was it like working alongside such a strong cast including Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin? It was interesting to go from a four-camera sitcom to a single-camera comedy. It’s a much longer day, but you get a couple of chances at it.

She is a singer with several albums under the belt.

It was an odd thing to have end and the way it did.

So, I’m excited to see if we get the chance to really wrap it up again. What’s the one thing you want people to take away from the show? I think we definitely covered female empowerment on the show.

Her close friends and family members call her by her nick name “Emy”.

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Her born place is Los Angeles, California, United States.

No matter how rich Josh was or the shortcuts he may have been able to provide, she still lived in that small apartment with Sofia. They both spoke their mind so much, and it caused them to get into arguments.