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In this week’s Outcast, it was one step forward, two steps back for Kyle: Though he met a possessed police detective who called him by the name of the series, the demon wouldn’t reveal why our hero was “special.” entity inside the cop brutally murdered his friend’s wife.Later, Luke invited Reverend Anderson and Kyle to the jailhouse in hopes of exorcising the killer.Finally, with the cop gone, Terry realizes that they need to go back so they can film the dnouement and finish the film.So they head back up just as Chris is waking and, of course, replays the scene from the Godfather, screaming louder and louder. To wrap it up, Terry announces that the film is going to released in theaters nationwide. After the play was over, the cast members came back out and audience members immediately swarmed the stage.Lee and Dean agree Brando is the best but Chris says no and starts dissing Brando's movies, including "The Godfather," saying that most of the scenes in it are implausible, especially the scene where the mobsters put a horse's head in movie mogul's bed. Terry agrees to direct and film the revenge movie, and we later found out that Terry was in fact recording the entire time. Then Dean utters a line that he repeats several times throughout: "Lee, youre really sweet.Chris insists that there's no way this could be done. Sweet and nave." And Lee just looks up at him so clueless and adorable. Tom was apparently supposed to narrate, so he got Eamonn Walker to fill in and he was HILARIOUS.May 2, 2010 More photos from this event at Lee This was one of the funniest times I have ever had hanging out with fellow Lee fans. Friday, I was feeling kind of down and was worried I would put a damper on the festivities, so I was really pondering whether or not to go. As soon as I got about halfway to New York on Saturday, my mood started to lift.

He really hams it up to the delight of the audience.

While they are in the apartment, it is Lees task to unlatch the window near the fire escape.

Later that night, when they return and are lurking outside the building, they are confronted by a nosy neighbor (Catherine Wolf, who played Nurse Carol Grace on "Oz").

He also told us that they had their first read-through on Saturday!

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The plot of this crazy play goes something like this: Dean, Lee and Chris (playing themselves) are discussing their favorite actors. The plot revenge is this: They will get a horses head and put it in Chris bed without his knowing. He points out that he and Chris are best friends and he wouldnt want to do that to him, etc.

So the guys head back to Chris house for a second attempt.

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