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This will erase all content that is on the i Pod Touch, including bookmarks in Safari and contacts in the Contacts.Follow these steps to erase pictures on your i Pod Touch: Go to the photo you want to delete by going through the Photos app. At the bottom right hand corner, there is a trash can icon.Restoring your i Pod touch to its factory settings is a troubleshooting process that is advised to fix problems when simpler solutions have failed.Because part of the restore process erases the i Pod touch completely, leaving none of your personal data or information on the device, a Restore is also recommended before selling or giving away the device.It's all about the preloaded apps and software used to run the i Pod Touch.The i Pod revolution progresses further all the time.At this point, your i Pod touch displays a Hello screen.It has been returned to its original factory settings and no longer contains any of your personal information. If you are selling or giving away the i Pod touch, don't go any further in the Restore process. At this point, the Restore of your personal data is complete and you can use the device.

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if you have a case with a magnet, that doesn't have enough strength to erase it, though other magnets should be kept away from your ipod.

If the Restore was part of troubleshooting to fix a problem with the device, you'll want to reload your data on the i Pod touch. Because i Cloud keeps a record of all your purchased music, movies, apps and other media, it isn't included in the i Cloud backup.