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Some might say the original Razuvious was a test of a true raider in Wo W.I know you've healed for for the past year and a half, but tonight, you're going to be tanking.We returned to Naxxramas on the second raid night, December 14th, drunk with ego and testosterone.Much of the success of the previous night had gone to the raiders' heads; it seemed as though the students had become the teachers as we began to tear the Military Quarter's trash apart.Mind-controlled players were easily dispatched with Frost Novas and Polymorphs; even simple Ao E fears did the job. As for Kel'Thuzad himself, well, his attacks were insignificant, unmemorable, and sad; a kid having a meltdown for not getting enough birthday presents. The only real risk of the entire encounter ended up being the blocks of ice he froze players into, which spiked their health down sharply, as its damage was based on a percentage of their health.Even that risk was something our healers adjusted for with ease, another non-factor in a long list of potentials. As we lined up for our traditional "Accomplishments" screenshot, the raiders were aghast in Vent.I say tricky not due to difficulty, but due instead to the encounter being very buggy.Players in our raid would die from the Icebolt, giving us nothing to shield us from the intensity of Frost Breath.

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Written out here in plain English, it seems like Kel'thuzad was a lot to digest. DPS blew up the waves of undead minions like pinatas at a child's party.I distinctly recall certain key spots along Sapphiron's outer ring that you did not want to be caught on when eating an Ice Bolt; these glitchy spots meant almost certain death.