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Pursuant is a full-service fundraising agency, leveraging data & technology. Your donors now complete their online gifts at record rates. And I think that okay, that thread is a thread that involves technology because it’s not only the channels in which that message is being sent, but then it’s how that story is represented on the donation page and through the check outflow and even after the checkout float. And if you set up separate landing pages with separate checkout forms, that’s one way of identifying. You know, I think there’s potential definitely beyond the average. You know donations don’t have to go through the donors phone company that puts a cap on GIF ts. Mobile giving does not have to be limited to single or double digit gif ts. We’ve got lots more time for welcome your donors the right way. So what else do we need to talk about if you don’t? So it’s not every month, but I think you can do monthly as long as you are using it as a nurture touchpoint. Nothing’s coming to mind, but that’s why you’re the consultants in that. So we see you lose a lot after between one, three and four, right? So maybe that’s the month where you send that hand written note. Your thank you for being here for one year with us, you know, making it about them.

Txt2Give makes it easy to receive donations using simple text messages. Listen Live or Archive: From Amazon to Zappos, there’s a lot you can learn from e-retailers to keep your donors in the checkout stream as they make their online gifts. My guests now are Matt Scott sitting closest to me. OK, yeah, I noticed matter-ness were on Mike, you’re more deferential than, uh Well, then all this *** that you were giving me before before. So to reduce abandonment, you want to get the right person to the checkout flow, right? Yeah, No, you’re you’re getting at is like, what are the technical steps that need to be put in place? Thank you so much if they come, if they beating you up, I feel about you know if if they make it through over this threshold, right and you know that it’s it’s really more than yeah, it’s more than superficial thinking past this. So, you know, in our session, we talked a lot about you know, when you, for example, are thinking a monthly donor. Don’t remind them that they’re giving every month they will leave. We all have so many subscriptions in our life, whether it’s Netflix or Lulu or you know, all of these things, that if they don’t feel good about it, then when the card expires or is stolen or core compromised not going to bother and I drop them might drop it, right?

So, you know, looking at a donation from that works. Those air both PC I complaint writers in the case and in all cases platform like you’ve lively, never has access to a person’s donor-centric our information directly and through a wallet. One time use numbers that he used every time you make a purchase so that there’s no one number goes down or gets, you know, used inappropriately, and it’s not affecting any other element of your credit history. The standard is how we interact with brands on a daily basis and how we spend our money on a daily basis, and it’s really important to think about that. And for some, it’s been thirty years since we’ve seen them, but that common bond. Here’s that from twenty nineteen non-profit Technology Conference Welcome to Tony martignetti non-profit Radio coverage of nineteen NTC non-profit Technology conference coming to you from the convention center in Portland, Oregon. You, you and Brenna has disclosed that thes these interviews have a secondary purpose for her. That’s going to be another level of questions you have to ask.

Well, is one that may say you’re making a twenty five dollar donation monthly. You’re you’ve not even moved beyond that first page. What’s really smart about wallets is how they hide. So it’s secure on hidden from both the payment provider themselves as well as a platform for writer. Okay, man, I’m gonna give you a break, actually, and I feel bad. Those brands have raised the bar your donors are experiencing that that high level of, of, of, of purchase flood. So I encourage youto get people together from the different phases of your life, whether it’s elementary school, high school, college, whatever. If you’ve got ah, if you’ve got this, I don’t know. This nineteen ninety si interview, like all of ours, is brought to you by our partners at Act Blue Free fund-raising Tools to help non-profits make an impact with me are brenholz homes and Chrissy hyre. Brenna, seated next to me is vice president for digital services and Chrissy is vice president Innovation Welcome back. Well, no, You mean you pretty much can’t make a credit card donation without putting in the billing address anyways, so it’s already part of the foreign fields to process again.

19NTC, Brenna Holmes, Cause Mic, Chrissy Hyre, David De Parolesa, donor, donor abandonment, Donor Relations, donor relationships, donor retention, donors, Give Lively, innovation, Matt Scott, Nonprofit Technology Conference I love our sponsors! Our 19NTC panel, Matt Scott and David De Parolesa, reveal proven e-commerce strategies to increase online gift completion. He’s CEO of Cosmic and David De Para Lisa, CEO of Give Lively Welcome Welcome mat. Before I turn the mike on, why don’t we talk about monthly giving, for God’s sake? I’m gonna start the guest personas start start creating that that is surrounded by New Yorkers right now. So you want to start with the right people who respond to that message. So let’s just take acquisition is a great example, right? They say they watch the whole video like we haven’t gotten into a ton of things, but I can try to learn more. So So we had some people in this action that we’re talking about quarterly, right? I don’t have a suggestion, I should say, Well, one of the things that you know could be a really impactful way to leverage that Thank you. If you already you’re sending tote bags or calendars in your acquisition or something like that.

Do you want to find more prospects & raise more money? Matt is from Cause Mic and David is at Give Lively. But all of a sudden, my cousin, he’s like, uh, if you don’t mind, I’d like to pass it over to David. There can only be one New York around like you’re dominating. And so you know what that’s doing It cosmic is creating messages that resonate at a very granular level with different constituencies in such a way that when they get to the checkout flow, they finished the check out great. So you’re you’re going to post up a variety of ads like paid social. We’LL see Next time just roughly halfway in thistle happened roughly twelve minute mark. So if they hear this, they making twelve minute mark. Dispel the myths you text NPR to four, four, four, nine, nine, nine. Maybe kind of following up in a different way, a different time period. You know, I’m just flushing out why I don’t have an answer. Moment is to kind of look at your sustainers file in winter, people the most likely to fall off of your file and then take that opportunity to do, like an exceptional thankyou. Leveraging that with a special note two two sustainers at the quarter mark for the six month mark way have clients that do, like all out at your anniversary. But I’ve always wondered about this, because when I see these things, and it’s not at all what I do know.

One way would be to have a page that’s both telling the story and allows you to make that seamless donation in the same view. So there’s a storytelling page, and then you jumped to a donation form that’s on a different page, and I’ve seen it done both ways and, you know, way See it work both ways really depends heavily, though, upon how they get there, right? It better work on a mobile device, but it’s kind of a simple statement, but we’ve got to be passed out by now. They’LL ask questions about, perhaps, how they got to our learned about the cause, which is a good question asked. You know, there are social networks that have advertising networks that have ways to link. Uh, that social, so that you don’t necessarily need to ask them. I was going to say I think David should speak a little bit about, you know, the digital wallets, and that’s that is absolutely game changing when it comes to best practice. It’s also in order Mobile off deferential and generous welchlin the mike is on. The level of, you know, penetration of mobile wallets. We’re talking about making them well, we are actually making love you. The other thing is, don’t be afraid to reach people on their phone to think them. And then you need to acknowledge that in a separate way, you can also use the type of appeal that they responded Teo to enforce. Like having that content flow through into the acknowledgement program and into the welcome Siri’s afterwards to keep them going tohave a next action opportunity eyes A fantastic way to start. That’s definitely an office sticker and done in Dustin. You gotta have these systems in place and somebody will be monitoring them. You don’t have the infrastructure setting that I always like. But for most of them, they are most of our clients, especially so you can excuse me. Specifically, it’s trying to get people into the content in the first place.

Like if they’re coming to your they’re experiencing your brand for the first time, where they haven’t, you know they need to be informed, right? So you’ve got big, strong, powerful image or something that draws that user in from a content perspective in a high c t es of donations and I think Sita Way got drug in jail on non-profit radio. So you know one thing that this let’s start at the very kind of high level, which is that a donation form should work if you’re going to reduce it. I mean, everything should be mobile, but that’s not a body. And they’re still donation forms out there that are asking for. It’s there asking for everything but your blood type. But maybe not before the dollar is captured and can be inferred by some of the tracking that’s occurring. So then you learn more about that donor to those networks through your own work, rather than asking and risking the abandonment. is increasing increasing at all age groups, but particularly with younger foe. Just carry on with your date after that ostomel of that. Yeah, welcoming donors the right way is your your session topic. What are non-profits not getting quite right about welcoming? You know, a lot of people have sort of a bad taste in their mouth about what telemarketing is. Is it right that our first time donorsearch retention read? And that’s honestly, like a lot of that data is coming out around the last few quarters of twenty twenty eighteen. Um, we’ll also talk about designing a multi-channel welcome and nurture nurture. I mean, I think I think the acknowledgement process should be part of that nurture mint, right. Christie, to your point, you know you can’t just set it and forget it. You know, you got to get your house in order before you invite people over, right? You can live also going over, yeah, latto happening at this table. So whether it’s your subject line and send her name and email or your teaser on your outer envelope in the mail, both of those air very similar from a user experience standpoint on their very low bar.

And you know that you’ve set up this unique page and you’ve got the both the story there and the narrative there, and then you’ve got a call to actions throughout the page. You keep this up, I’m shutting your Michael Fair Fair. Yeah, I I also will say one of my pet peeves that, you know, non-profits continuously asked people for the same information over and over and over and over again. But most other platforms are not offering that service or they’re just now offering that service eso And but this is a service that we’re used to write. What are the ways that you connect people back to your mission back to the work that you’re doing, making them really understand the impact of the gift that they’ve just given and building that connection in that relationship so that they’re ready to take that to the next level, so to speak and give you another gift? Okay, Um, so after we have our audit, what’s our next step? Everything needs to be very conscious decisions about what copy we’re sending to who, what content they’re getting when on the touchpoint. There there are other Point was don’t do it in the donation. So, like, who owns things would change, But yeah, the data is really important on and having a two directional or multidirectional sink of key data components so that you can condition allies content based on those relationships from other channels. Want to, you know, bring in expertise from the consumer world. Okay, Matt, anything you want to add to the overview of our session? I mean, I think when we’ve had a lot of conversations, one of the thing that I really enjoy about David’s perspective is you No way. But if we’re thinking on ly about competing against other non-profits from a donor experience, we’re going to find ourselves in a lot of trouble because you’re starting setting the bar too low. So this session is intended to help non-profits think about the full life cycle of thie experience of making a donation and all of the elements that could result in someone dropping off from completing a donation way. Teo and I think that if we can copy some of those things and move them over to the non-profit space, we’re going to be a head as an industry. If you have big dreams but a small budget, you have a home at Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. Sponsored by: Transcript for 437_tony_martignetti_nonprofit_radio_20190503.mp3 Processed on: 2019-05-04T.287Z S3 bucket containing transcription results: transcript.results Link to bucket: s3.amazon.com/s3/buckets/transcript.results Path to JSON: 2019…05…437_tony_martignetti_nonprofit_radio_20190503.mp3.565239710Path to text: transcripts/2019/05/437_tony_martignetti_nonprofit_radio_20190503Hello and welcome to Tony martignetti non-profit Radio. For example, a simple donation, a simple check out flow a a checkup, though that doesn’t ask many questions but lets you get through it as fast as possible. So it’s those types of things that have kept non-profits behind. But it is a machine printing that Oh, yeah, but it looks like you’re just trying to create the experience of life came off their desk. I’m really surprised that second notice open open urgently. So having renew does well yeah, renew your membership right on the teeth.

Trusted experts and leading thinkers join me each week to tackle the tough issues. So you know, we’re inspired by Amazon Zappos to some degree you thie experience at an Apple store, which, you know, in a way, is a kind of hybrid retail experience and generally taking best practices from that space broadly, even if it is in a specific retailer, it’s It’s some of the elements of what makes Annie retail experience common. I mean, we’re all experiencing these things on the e commerce side. Uh, the analogy between our our donors and ourselves as consumers? Sectarian give Lively is a response to that problem, which is looking at the world of non-profit tech and seeing that elements like digital wallets are not common, that something that isn’t available in the A lot of other platforms but that is available on the give lively platform. So if it anything that feels like humans have touched it will automatically get more attention.

We think about Netflix in terms of, you know, the user experience that we’re all used.

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