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23-Apr-2020 15:03

I’ve learned to provide an atmosphere of openness, liberty, voluntarism, and free, non-judgmental communication, and through that, I’ve grown into someone that women feel they can trust and be open with, and my relationships with them have become much more solid.I find it interesting that INCELs exist as a community because it makes very little sense for someone who’s failing at something to ask other people who are also failing at that same thing to help them with that thing.

It’s best to be prepared so when you meet the right woman, you don’t screw it up.

This decision became the start of his journey to discover successful techniques to change from being a player to being a committed partner.

His successful marriage is a testament to his ability to learn from his experiences and to ultimately become part of a loving, long-term, committed relationship.

Through his live workshops and interactive online training programs, Burnett helps men unleash a powerful version of themselves that naturally attract the women they want most.

From the single guy that struggles to get a date, to the guy in a committed relationship, Matt & Spencer have discovered that there is no end to the parts of their relationships they could improve by learning how to Win the Game of Love Join a community of guys that want to stop “playing” the Dating Game and simply become the type of guy every woman loves so you can be with the woman of your choice.

They figure if being nice didn’t work, being rude will, but this doesn’t work either and they end up just treating people horribly all the time. The worldview expressed in the statement that women seem to somehow innately love jerks is not how the real world works.